Larry Kelly

SEC XC Meet ​This is a story about Larry Kelly. Our UT cross-country team was very strong in 1965 placing 3rd at the NCAA Championships, with almost all members being seniors. Our 1966 team was not real strong and if ever there was a chance for another SEC team to

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Ken Rowlett, 1966-69

Trout Fishing and the Black Bear I had been at UT for less than a week, and the cross country team was training in the mountains near Gatlinburg. One day Roy Hall and another fisherman/runner caught some trout in the stream next to our cabin. The fish were stored in the

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John Nichols

Recruitment Stories I remember Coach Rohe was never for a loss of words or something to say. During the summer before my senior year Pat Pomphrey and I were in Coach's office talking about the summer track program when I asked Coach for more scholarship money. He just looked and

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Jerry Wrinkle

Memories of Knoxville Track Club Officials Jerry Wrinkle (former Knoxville Fulton High School track coach and co-founder of Knoxville Track Club — the KTC held its organizational meeting on his front porch) ​Soon after Chuck became the track coach at UT, he was still director of a summer camp located in

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Gerry Purdy

Train-hopping and Other Life Threatening Stories I recall that a number of the track team members had this ‘god awful’ idea to go hop a train. I can't remember all of those who did this, but it seems like it was at least four and maybe seven or eight (I'm

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Wayne Whigham

Confronting Racism As told to Audry Hardy Here is another Rohe Era story shared with me by the late Wayne Whigham shortly before he passed in 2013. After one of the SEC Meets in Alabama, a couple of ‘good ole boys’ drove by the motel where the team was staying.

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Gee Lee

Sledding at the Winter Relays In the winter of 1968 (my first in Knoxville, I arrived in Fall of '67) the team took the bus to VMI for The Winter Relays. With the snow coming down in 'buckets' as we arrived, the stage was being set for a terrific and

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Gerry Eddlemon

Integration Stories Gerry Eddlemon on integrating Gibbs Hall in the fall of 1967 I well remember when Coach came up to me one day and asked what I thought about having a teammate who happened to be black as my roommate. Remember this was about 1967 when segregation was finally

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Gayl Morse, 1963-66

Train-hopping and Other Life Threatening Stories As Chuck Rohe tells the story, Gaylord (Gayl) Morse was a fine quarter-miler and intermediate hurdler (spring of 1963 through spring of 1966)—part of Rohe’s first outstanding recruiting class. Gayl was from suburban Chicago and had some cultural differences with the guys from the rural

Gayl Morse, 1963-662021-05-29T16:37:56+00:00

Don Pinkston

Travel Misadventures Don Pinkston’s additions to the bus-pushing story Our street footwear in those days was not the tennis shoes like today, so there was not easy footing, and the back exterior of the bus was wet, dirty, with that diesel/oil smell. Some of us had gloves but those who

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