Rohe Track Era All About Us!

Compiled by Tom Scott 07/28/2013

Roy Hall 1963 - 67

[Referring to Kenan Rowlett’s bear story]: Actually, Kenny has really embellished this story.  My recollection is that the trout were associated with a guy who was camping at Elkmont and sleeping in the back of his station wagon.  The bear smelled the fish residue from his tackle and dented the top of his vehicle, while he was inside.  The bear at the cabin was a result of an unnamed runner who left popcorn on the porch.   We later barricaded the porch steps with an old “ice box,” which also received a dent.  My encounter came while on a run.  I heard a bear in an apple tree.  Made a feeble attempt to high jump a fence.  Fell flat on my butt.  The bear came out of the tree and ran off in the opposite direction.  Although I do not remember the stammering and stuttering, it does seem an appropriate reaction.