Rohe Track Era All About Us!

Compiled by Tom Scott 07/28/2013


Mike Tomasello

Running for Coach was always an adventure for me, whether it was wearing ski masks and long johns when we were running 40 440s at 6am on Neyland Dr in sub-freezing temps or 60 x 220s in the tobacco barn with Coppley. I thought I'd never feel my legs again! What was a constant for me though was what Coach taught me about what it was going to take to be successful in whatever I chose to become. If it wasn't for Coach I would not have returned to UT to coach at the championship level with other great UT athletes and pursued a wonderful life in collegiate coaching in California. He's always been a part of my life and I love him. Talk about a mentor......!!! I was always proud when I would be out recruiting for UT, and the Villanova coaches would say to me, “Hey, Coach, slide over to make room for one of Chuck's boys." What a Day!