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What A Day with Chuck Rohe!

The Coach Chuck Rohe Leadership Award was created in 2016 by the UT Rohe Era Track and Cross Country Association, an organization of former UT athletes who ran, jumped, and threw for Chuck Rohe while he coached the track team from 1962 to 1971. During that time Tennessee won 21 SEC championships, including 6 in cross country and 15 straight indoor and outdoor SEC track and field championships between 1964 and 1971. Because Chuck Rohe was such a brilliant and dynamic leader, those he mentored decided to create an annual award to perpetuate his memory by honoring the member of the track and field team who best exemplified his leadership style. To win the award the recipient is expected to display integrity, dependability, dedication and loyalty, enthusiasm, initiative, judgment, endurance, unselfishness, courage, tact, and scholarship.

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