Rohe Track Era All About Us!


Coach Chuck Rohe's legacy includes many Rohe assistant coaches and UT athletes that went on to become successful coaches. Following Rohe's blueprint and example, they went on to similar success and in turn, tutored a following generation of coaches.

*    Doug Brown
*    Terry Crawford
*    Melvin Maxwell
*    Winston Russell
*    Bill Sellmer
*    Russ Whitenack
*    Norm Witek
*    Mike Tomasello
*    Denis Flood
*    David Job
*    Chick McGeehan
*    Mike Juras
*    Thad Talley

“The Rohe Coaching Tree” is a work in progress and we look forward to providing resumes of these coaches and many others, soon.

* Abron Henderson

* Bill Keesling

* Karl Kremser

* Billy Maxwell

* Butch Stewart

* Chip Kell


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